Diving Trips


    Our daily dive trips, we go out by boat for diving and snorkelling on a daily basis. A day at sea is as follows:

    • In the morning at around 09:00 AM we meet at the dive centre in Caleta Velez. Here we then decide what dives will be made during that day. This of course also applies to those who join us for snorkelling only.
    • While being at the dive centre, you will have the opportunity to purchase additional equipment for either diving or snorkelling.
    • Located behind the dive centre is the Port of Caleta Velez. On foot it takes about ten minutes to reach.
    • We leave port at 09:30 AM to La Herradura / Cerro Gordo, which will take about one hour and thirty minutes.
    • Our first dive is planned at around 11:00 AM, the second dive at around 13:30 PM.
    • We will return to port at Caleta Velez at around 16:00 PM.
    • Having returned at the dive centre, logbooks will be dated and signed. If not having paid in advance for the diving trip, then this is the moment to settle your debt.
    • The dive centre will provide all the required diving equipment such as wetsuits, vests (AKA: BCD or Buoyancy Compensator Device), regulator sets, masks and snorkels, boots and fins.
    • In order to make sure that the correct equipment is brought along, you will be asked to provide us with the size of your body length, your body weight, shoe size and dress size.

    When diving in Spain you need to be medical fit for scuba diving. You can download the medical statement on our website at the bottom. When you have to fill in YES at one of the questions, then first go to a doctor who is qualified.

      Dutch medical form (205 downloads)

    German medical form (149 downloads)

    Spanish medical form (174 downloads)

    English medical form (191 downloads)

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