Our boat

    Our boat is especially prepared for diving and snorkeling on the Mediterrenean. Not like all other divecenters who have the most uncomfortable RIB boats, we have :

    A fibra boat which is 10,0=30 long and 3,25 wide, So we can take upto 15 persons in total without being to crowdy !

    Comfortable seating places and a proper sunroof which will protect you to both sun and ( nearly never ) rain.

    Equipped with 80cft ( 11,2 liters ) aluminium tanks. TUSA weigth integrated ( soft weights ) BCD.s, TUSA regulators, masks, snorkels and finns. Completed with Mares either 5 or 7mm wetsuits.

    Really the best exit and entrance ways you can imagine. Our boatladder comes really deep in the water which makes getting out real easy ( even in rougher waters.

    During the day out we provide you with water, coffee, thee and light snacks and fresh fruits. For after dives we have beer and wine aboard.

    We can speed up to nearly 30 km/hr wich is really fast on the water, this is due to our 200HP inborad diesel engine.


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