Our Divesites

    Our divesites are all located in the area of La Herradura, Marina del Este and Maro which is the most beautifull part of the national park Cerro Gordo.

    Diving in the south of Spain, costa del sol and costa tropical will surprise you in the most positive way you can imagine, The sealife and marine life you can expect are : Moonfish ( Mola Mola ) , Sea bass, Boquerones ( big clouds ), Stonefish, Murray eals, Conger eals, Octopus, Flying Gurnard, Barracuda, Tuna, Dolphins, hard – en soft corals aswell as anemones. Offcourse much more then we can mention.

    Here under we discribed some of the most spectaculair divesites of the area. Offcourse there are more !

    Los tres Picos ( 6 – 30 meters )

    • As the name says, 3 pinnacles are rising up from the bottom of the sea, A beautifull tour around the pinnacles let you see the following marine life ; octopus, boquerones, seabrass, and the normal Meditterenean sealife aswell as hard and soft corals. There are some beautifull swimm througs. This dive is fitted for nearly every diver and brings yoy to depths in between 6 and 30 meters

    Punta de la Mona- Mola Mola spot. ( 6 – 40 meters )

    • Jumping into the water, your eyes will be attracted inmediatly towards the beautifull slowly sloping wall. This wall cab bring you to the outside of the reef at a depth of 40 meters, On the corner there is possibility for current water, so going there is restricted to more experienced divers. During the dive you will really see lots of sealife and big clouds of fish. If you want to see Mola Mola, well this is the place to be.

    Marina del Este – Cuevas del Virgin ( 15-40+ meters )

    • On the outerreef of Marina del este wel will god down at the Virgin cave, here you find a statue of the virgin Mary, just swimming towards the outerskirts of the reef you will really hit deep water. The wall is completely covered with hard and soft corals with offcourse the usual marine life. Depending on the current you can do your ascent and safety stop in open water, to be picked up by the boat. Offcourse is is mandatory to use an SMB while ascending.

    Fraggelrock ( 18 – 24 meters )

    • Just in the middle of the bay of marina del Este you will find Fraggle Rock, slowly we descend on the line towards the reef, Just circeling on the reef you will find conger eals, octopus, stonefish and the obvious mediterenean sealife. Getting back to the boat we use the same line for ascending. Due to the fact that you are the complete dive on depth you really have to monitor your dive computer, Offcourse will we provide you with one.

    Cerro Gordo ( 6 – 30 meters )

    • Going up there means diving with the current, before dive we will pick the direction. Stepping out off the boat and going down, brings you towards a beautifull wall. Just like in a movie the current will take you along the wall and provides you with a beautifull dive.

    Playa Canuelo- snorkeling special

    • Just at the beginning of the national park Cerro Gordo, you can find Playa Canuela. This is the most perfect place for snorkeling ( with the family ) This is really the best day you can wisf for when going snorkeling.

    Then there are also the special dives like Night dives and Wreck diving

    • Every week we go out for night diving and wreck diving. We have specials wrecks both in Mijas Costa and Almeria.





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